Thursday, May 21, 2009


Here is what this blogspot has been lacking!!! My pictures!!! Sorry this post is sooo long... but these are all of the cakes that I have done. Starting with most recent and going to some of the very first ones. Hope you enjoy!!!=)

Haiden's 1st bday cake

Haiden's hands on cake

Allies 1st bday pullapart cupcake cake

Allie's hands on cake

Keely's Yo Gabba Gabba cake

Re'Anna's bridal shower cake

Jack 1st bday pupcakes

Jack's pullapart cupcake bday cake

Sis Adams baby shower cake

Sis Adam's baby shower cake
50th Anniversary cake

Autumn's baby shower cake

Harrison's Spiderman bday cake

Kayce's bday cake

Michelle's baby shower cake

Braxen's pullapart cupcake bday cake

Heather's wedding cake
I matched it with the invitation

Sonia's baby shower cake
Ashlyn's bday cake
Haylee's groom's cake

Haylee's wedding cake

I liked it sooo much that I did it again for my uncle's 40th bday.

I made this chocolate lovers dream for a 5oth Anniversary... It turned out pretty dreamy! ;) Its decorated with chocolate covered strawberries and candied pecans dusted in edible gold!

This was my first fondant bow... =) And the roses are also made of fondant.

I started playing with fondant and absolutely love it... this flower bouquet is made of fondant.
This is my very first wedding cake... =)

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

A New Site for Creative Cakes Boutique!!! =)

Hello!!! Welcome to my Creative Cakes Boutique Blogspot!!! This is where I will post my pictures of my cakes along with my comments. I hope that you will visit my page often, as I plan to keep it as up to date as possible!!! =) Hope you enjoy!!!