Monday, July 20, 2009

Kayce's puppy birthday

I did a pull apart cake this weekend for my cousin Kayce's 8th birthday. She had a puppy party and was suprised with her first puppy. I bought the My littlest pet shop Happy Birthday party set along with a few extra puppies... to give it the puppy look. Happy Birthday Kayce! =)


Ok I know this has nothing to do with cakes... but it does have something to do with food... GOOD food!!!! =) I have never had sushi before but I have alot of friends that LOVE it. This past week I finally got the opportunity!!! I went with a guy and girl from church to Sakura's. He is a big sushi fan but us girls were quite nervous and very unsure of what we were supposed to do. LOL He ordered for us... and we were so glad he did!!! They were all very good and now Im constantly craving it!!! Thanks Jeremy!!!! Sushi+Friends= a great Thursday night!!! =)

Heres a pic of two of the rolls.

Monday, July 6, 2009

TVC's marriage conference

I made this cake for Tabernaculo de Vida Cristiana's marriage conference this weekend. It was a single layer chocolate cake with chocolate frosting, chocolate drizzle on top and chocolate drippings on the sides. It was decorated with tuxedo strawberries and sugared strawberries and grapes. Heavenly... =)